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M Line: premium needle

DemeTECH also carries a premium needle line, manufactured specifically for those specialty surgeries requiring the strongest and sharpest needles available. DemeTECH’s premium line is focused on meeting the specific high demands of specialty surgeons, such as Dermatologic, Ophthalmic, Oral and Maxillofacial, Periodontal, Plastic and Reconstructive, and Veterinary surgeons, as well as for those surgeons who prefer a precision point needle. DemeTECH’s premium needles are composed of the highest quality stainless steel, making them unsurpassed in strength and quality.

Needle to Suture Ratio:

DemeTech’s innovative production technology allows for a closer ratio between suture and thread, without compromising the strength of the needle.

Characteristics of DemeTECH Needles

- Made of high quality stainless steel.

- Slim without compromising strength.

- Able to carry suture material through tissue

  with minimal trauma.

- Sharp enough to penetrate the tissue.

- Rigid to resist breaking and Ductile permitting

  bending during surgery.

- Sterile and corrosion-resistant.

The Needle Body

- The body of the needle is the portion grasped

  by the needle holder during the surgical

  procedure and its diameter should be as

  close as possible to the diameter of the

  suture material to minimize bleeding and


- Needles have different characteristics & shapes.

Needle POINT

The needle point extends from the extreme tip of the needle to the maximum cross-section of the body.  Each needle is designed and produced to the required degree of sharpness to smoothly penetrate specific types of tissue.

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